Terra Progress project leads and make analyses of development possibilities within existing assets, retail areas and offices and create planning in early phases until start of construction including zoning process.


Terra Progress carry out studies and analyses to find strategy based on market conditions and technical aspects, masterplan and pedestrian flow, retail mix and concept. These are often basis for further feasibility studies and investment decisions.


Terra Progress offers advice when establishing a store or an office, about leasing issues, rental analyses, negotiation and designing space. Also technical conditions can be studied, cost estimates and project leader before construction can offered.

From idea to reality

How to succeed with the correct DELIVERY


…to the issues and questions and put it in the right context, understand what is affecting what and take into account what is done earlier.


…the mission and define what to deliver.


…dedicated for the client´s purpose, specific assignments can be:

  • project leading and coordinate competences
  • create business plan/project plan and time schedules
  • purchase consultants and coordinate architects, designers and technical specialists
  • improve shopping centres and retail areas by optimizing spaces, flows and entrances
  • suggest and plan retail mix and concept
  • estimate shopunits turnover and rents
  • create parallell assignment and idea studies
  • run zooning plans
  • set up decision support as basis for investment