Liljeholmstorget, Stockholm

Liljeholmstorget, Stockholm

Role: Comprehensive project leader, urban development.

The project is an urban challenging project that aims for adding new buildings for office space, hotel, residentials, retail, service and culture by decking over the underground. The existing successful shopping centre will be further strengthened in its position. The district will take the next step to become an even more dense urban place integrated with the public transportation and adjacent green park areas just next to inner city and surrounding business district.

The assignment consists of project management for the development phase with organization, planning, purchase and coordination of consultants and architects. The work is focusing on new zoning plan, market analyses and strategies to identify new content and concept for the extension and refurbishment of existing shopping centre and buildings. An important milestone has been reached since the project is on public review from the 26th of January until the 8th of March 2021.

Pictures are developed by the architect team Wester+Elsner, Reflex, Topia Landskapsarkitekter and Ettelva. Rendered pictures made by TMRW. Pictures owned by Citycon.

Employer: Citycon Development AB.
Ongoing assignment since April 2019.


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